ATA NC Charlotte web sayfamiza hosgeldiniz!

Welcome to ATA NC Charlotte Chapter website, you can find more information about us, membership
and events in our pages.

What is happening in Charlotte:

- ATA NC Charlotte organized 30 Agustos Zafer Bayrami / Victory Day + Kurban Bayrami / Sacrifice Holiday on Sunday September 3th, details in Events
-There are multiple events being organized, please check Events
- ATA NC also organizing Harvest Food Bank events, please check ATA NC Charlotte Facebook page or Charlotte Turks Facebook page for details and sign ups, coming events are October 21st and November 4th.

Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) helps underprivileged kids in rural schools in Turkey, provides bridge to those Turkish Americans who want to give-back to children in Turkey. For more information please visit website below.

Election Results for ATA NC Charlotte Chapter

ATA-NC Charlotte Chapter Board election results can be found in Elections