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-February 25; Bowling Outing took place with adults and kids and lots of fun.
- ATA NC Charlotte sponsored BTF Cinema4aCause showing of the movie showing “Yün Bebek” for details of BTF please visit:
-April 23: 23 Nisan National Sovereignty and Children's Holiday Cookout took place with lots of activities at Pavilion - Mc Dowell Nature Preserve from 1 to 6 pm, to Rsvp and see all event details (menu, games) please check,

Please mark your calendars for the following events that we will have through May. More information will be posted by the Event Coordinators on Yahoo and Facebook Groups pages. We are hoping that you will bring your friends to all of our events.

-May 21 - 19 Mayıs Youth and Sports Day Cookout, to RSVP (by May 19th) please check

Here are events organized in 2016
- February
First event in 2016 was held on 27 February with the theme Get Together, serving dinner and drinks finishing with karaoke
Second event was held on 3 April in Lake Wylie McDowell waterfront deck with the theme Sucuk-Ekmek and raffle prizes
Third event was held on 24 April in Park Rd Park Shelter#1 to honor '23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Cocuk Bayrami' (23 April National Sovereignty and Children Day), food/drinks were served, there were games for kids and adults finishing with raffle prices
40+ kids and 90+ adults attended.
ATA NCC sponsored event for BTF which was movie viewing of "Yar1m",
- June
Lazy 5 Ranch Trip on June 4th, postponed to Fall
Euro 2016 Turkey game viewing (Turkey-Crotia), cancelled
- September
02/03 September - Weekend Nature Trip to Spring Maid Mountain
18 September - Cook out get together / Kurban Bayramı
24 September - Ifest at UNCC jointly held with TSA
- October
October 1 - Lazy 5 Ranch trip
October 29 - Republic Day Event at UNCC was successfully held with maximum attendance and full of joy.
- December
December 10 - End of Year Members Only Party was held with almost full house, some pictures can be found in our pictures

Board Meetings

ATA NC Charlotte Board of Directors meet once a month to discuss Association activities/developments and it is open to our members if they wish to join
Next BOD meeting details TBA